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Unit 11

Unit 11 explained

Who am I

Time 1

Skills time line


Tom White

Mobile number: +44 07142 942153

Home number: 01103 251970

Email address:

I am a committed individual that can work in a team or on my own with little effort. I am socially confident person who enjoys creating animations and illustrations in my spare time.


  • 3ds Max
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After effects
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Communications skills
  • Effective and efficient research skills
  • Time management
  • Group management
  • Leadership skills
  • Non-linear thinking

I have skill in Photoshop, Illustrator and After effects with a foundation understanding of InDesign. I am capable of creating graphics in Illustrator and Photoshop. As well as having knowledge in design software I am also competent at using PowerPoint and Word for creating comprehensive documents on a given subject. I am also competent at creating 3ds models in 3ds Max. Time management, group management, leadership skills and nonlinear thinking are all skills I have been developing constantly due to the kind of Voluntary work I do.

Work Experience

Currently all my work experience has been Voluntary and unpaid.

I am currently working with a small group of people doing voice acting. I have also been working with Sea Poon Canoe centre to redesign their website.

I currently work in a voluntary capacity as a Level 1 coach at Seapoint Canoe Centre. I have been with Sea Point for two years coaching and have through them gained my 1 & 2 Star awards as well as specializing in 3-star Sea kayaking and touring.


I am currently studying a UAL Level 3 diploma and extended diploma in Digital design and animation at Canterbury college that is equivalent to three A-levels. I was previously studying a Creative Media Production UAL Diploma Level 2 at Canterbury college this is equivalent to GCSEs.


Merit equivalent to B in GCSE Creative Media Production UAL Diploma Level 2

C GCSE English

4 GCSE Maths


After this course I will be either moving on to university or finding a job. At university I will study either animation or 3d modelling and CGI. I want to go to uni to further my education and make myself more employable for the future. I would also like to make new contacts that I can call on in the future for help on projects or work. I have already applied and received conditional offers form two uni’s one from character animation and the other animation and digital design. I used UCAS to apply for these course and had to write a personal statement to be submitted.

Personal statement

From a young age, I have always liked to tell and write stories. I just loved how they were able to create so many different worlds that I wanted to create them myself. I even went on to wanting to share them with others who were like me at the time. This ability to imagine helped me to cope with what was happening around me at the time and it slowly began to develop and evolve into much more than a simple escape. I want to continue developing my storytelling skills as well as learn how to develop character and setting through digital means.

At first, I enjoyed drawing using paper and pencil then I discovered computers and this opened a new world. I used games that enabled me to design assets within them from concept to completion. I started out simply playing around with different items and elements within the games slowly building up my knowledge about what I could or couldn’t do with it.

This love of creative media and design lead me to Canterbury college in September 2015, where I studied UAL Level 2 Creative Media Production and achieved a Merit. I continued studying and I am currently studying a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Digital Design. All these courses have taught me much about how the industry works in regards to pipelines, production schedules, deadlines and what programs are used as well as how to use them. Among the programs I have learned to use are Photoshop, Illustrator, 3ds Max, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Audacity. Using these programs I have made interactive eBooks, created green screen recreations of iconic scenes from the terminator and for one of my recent projects a pair of textured and rigged CGI wings I composited into myself. I have used a combination of hardware to do all these form Graphics tablets and light boxes to animate with as well as using Q2’s and both 3d and normal cameras. As well as using software and hardware to make these, I have had access to both a complete TV recording studio and a Soundproof sound room which I used for both voice and Foley sounds.

Outside of the academic fields, I have been learning how to use Blender as an alternative way of animating. I am capable of creating graphics (logos, banners and thumbnails) in Illustrator and Photoshop. As well as having foundation knowledge in Design software.

In college, I am a class rep for the Student Union as well as the Student Union Liberations Officer responsible for diversity and acceptance within the college. It is my job to make sure my class has a voice within the college as well as attending regular meetings in order to make sure I have up to date information about what is going on in and outside college and what is available for the students.

I have achieved both my bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh awards and I would like to do my gold when time permits. For some time now I have been a member of Seapoint Canoe Centre and have through them, gained my 1 & 2 Star awards as well as specializing in 3-star Sea kayaking and touring certificates. I have been a British Canoeing Level 1 Coach for 2 years and have in a voluntary capacity, coached at the Centre. These groups have been from local Cubs and Scout groups as well as team building sessions for local businesses. I have been able to develop form this ability to assess situations and create risk assessments both on paper as well as conducting dynamic ones whilst on the water. My situational awareness as also grown from this as a result of having to keep track of large groups in an ever-changing environment. As a coach, I have learnt good communication skills and how to lead and teach a group of any age how to paddle.

My ambition is to go into the industry and become an animator or games artist working on characters or landscape design. I want to leave being able to continue making my stories and sharing them with others using my newly gained skills a knowledge to better illustrate what I want people to see and feel when they look or play with my work.


The above video is my pitch for my extended project. Pitching ideas to studios, companies and possible funders is a very important part of the industry because it is one of the most effective and reliable ways to get your idea and concept for your work over to the group or person. It shows you have already put work into the idea and haven’t just rushed it.

End of year show

For the end of year show I had to create and prepare a A2 poster, business cards and a show reel piece. I unfortunately didn’t have the time to devise a script and shorted version of my final project to be presented at the actual show.

Media X

A2 CMYK Poster

Bissunes card
Buissnes card



After doing this unit I have been able to see where I would fit in and what my mortals and values mean. I have a strong skill base with knowledge and ideas to back it up. The only downside is keeping to deadlines and time management. These are easily fixed by doing more work and making use of timers to train myself more. Other than that I have been able to see that I have the skills but not the industry experience to get a good job i would want to do. But this being said college has perpered me for going into smaller jobs or university where I can get the experience and advance the skills I have learnt there. This unit has been a very useful tool in letting me see exactly what and where I need to improve to get into the industry. Each task showing a different aspect and what needs to be changed or preserved.


Unit 12 – Specialist Study in Creative Media Production

Tom W Draft 1 week 1

Tom W Draft 2 week 2

Tom W Draft 3 Week 3

Tom W Draft 4 Week 4


Term 1

Who Am I?

My Who am I project aimed to help me figure out what skills I had learned and where I had to improve as well as what I wanted to do after college. In the project, i go into detail what skill I learned and what I still need and want to find out more about and what kind of person I am.

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Extended Project 3.1 – Week 6

This week I had to do a formal presentation of my project for Adam and hand in my proposal again. I have also been doing research into color theory and composition in images.

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Extended Project 2.2 – Week 5

This week I have been planning and conducting my primary research as well as reflecting on what I already know or learned from my secondary research.

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Extended Project 2.1 – Week 4

This week we have been doing a literature review. A literature review is where we conduct all our secondary research and analyse what we find out.

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Extended Project – Easter Week

This Easter holiday I was given the task to think of three ideas that I would like to do for my FMP. These had to be achievable and have a clear goal to accomplish throughout the interior project.

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Extended Project 1.1 – Week 3

This week I have been doing research into the structure of my industry and key job roles found within. For this, I did five tasks; An overview of my industry, A review on Technology, hardware and software needed, Target Audience Profiles, Investigation into key job roles and Legal requirements.

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Extended Project – Week 1

This week we started our Final major project (FMP). The first task I was given was to create a timeline of my progression from the first and second Terms. I was later on in the task to create a mind map as well detailing my experiences skills and other things.

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