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Extended Project 3.1 – Week 6

This week I had to do a formal presentation of my project for Adam and hand in my proposal again. I have also been doing research into color theory and composition in images.

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Extended Project 2.2 – Week 5

This week I have been planning and conducting my primary research as well as reflecting on what I already know or learned from my secondary research.

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Extended Project 2.1 – Week 4

This week we have been doing a literature review. A literature review is where we conduct all our secondary research and analyse what we find out.

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Extended Project – Easter Week

This Easter holiday I was given the task to think of three ideas that I would like to do for my FMP. These had to be achievable and have a clear goal to accomplish throughout the interior project.

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Extended Project 1.1 – Week 3

This week I have been doing research into the structure of my industry and key job roles found within. For this, I did five tasks; An overview of my industry, A review on Technology, hardware and software needed, Target Audience Profiles, Investigation into key job roles and Legal requirements.

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Extended Project – Week 1

This week we started our Final major project (FMP). The first task I was given was to create a timeline of my progression from the first and second Terms. I was later on in the task to create a mind map as well detailing my experiences skills and other things.

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Extended Project – Week 2

This week I was typing out project proposals for my ideas. I ran into a few problems with this mainly that I couldn’t decide which idea to do.

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Term 2 – Prevent


Today we had a talk about Prevent and what it was and about.

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Term 2 Week 8 Evaluation

My Project was all about the creation of a 2D side-scrolling indie platformer in a retro style. My production company and I picked two random aspects of our story from a bag In this case setting and the main character and include them in the game. We ended up have Ada Lovelace as our character and Ancient Egypt as our setting.

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