About me

What I want from this course is the ability to create products that engages the mind and imagination allowing people to expand on what I have made.

My aim for the end of this course is to gather all the skills I possibly can and apply them to what I want to do so that I can create these products that people can expand on.

I don’t have any jobs in mind for what I want to do at the end of this course, but I would like it to be something to do with 3D modelling be it in animation or just asset building for games, or I would like to do something with images.

I can be extremely focused on tasks but this will most of the time cause me to over look small problems with what I am doing such as spelling or the what it looks like. Another thing I view as both a strength and a weakness in my work is how I try and processes everything at once which for the first few times I do it is fine but it soon gets too much to handle.

To sum all this up I want to make or help make ways for people be creative and to inspire them on to make their own things to keep the chain going.