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Extended Project – Week 2

This week I was typing out project proposals for my ideas. I ran into a few problems with this mainly that I couldn’t decide which idea to do.

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Term 2 – Prevent


Today we had a talk about Prevent and what it was and about.

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Term 2 Week 8 Evaluation

My Project was all about the creation of a 2D side-scrolling indie platformer in a retro style. My production company and I picked two random aspects of our story from a bag In this case setting and the main character and include them in the game. We ended up have Ada Lovelace as our character and Ancient Egypt as our setting.

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Term 2 Week 7

This week I actually started producing my game. Throughout the process of creating my game, I used a program known as Open Broadcasting software or OBS. Unfortunately, OBS was unable to record the actual game when it launched because of its settings but I will include a video of compleated game below along with the creation video.

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Term 2 Week 6

This week I have been learning about tilesets and how to create seamless textures. Tilesets are used in games as a way to speed up the level creation process. They do this by allowing the creator to build new designs from a series of modular assets.

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Term 2 Week 5

8Bit Dub


This week I have been investigating redubbing and sound creation using 8 Bit or chip tunes to recreate sounds. I had to first of all have a listen to some chip tunes and see how they work before I went in on the project.

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Term 2 Week 4

Pixel Art – Character concepts

I was tasked this week with design pixel art versions of are main characters and some of the bad guys they will face. For this I had to research and find some reference photos. I used my mood boards to guide me on what kind of look I was going for.

reference pictures

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Term 2 Week 3

This week I have been exploring animation and the techniques and processes of animating pixel art. We started off by learning about the history of animation and then moved on to different practices with animation and creating our own sprite animations using Photoshop.

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Term 2 Week 2

Into to pixel art – The Queen


This week we did another pixel art task where we had to recreate The Queen in a pose form a reference image. This task was set up in three stages, the first stage was to recreate the queen in 16X16 resolution, the second stage was to do it again but in 24X24 and finally do a third one in 32X32.

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