This week I was typing out project proposals for my ideas. I ran into a few problems with this mainly that I couldn’t decide which idea to do.

After talking with Jenny and Adam I eventually decided to do my concept art project.

UAL Awarding Body – Level 3 Diploma

Unit 8 – Project Proposal

Name Tom White
Pathway UAl Digital Design and Animation Level 3
Project Title Over the top   (OTT) (Concept art)
Section 1: Rationale (Approx. 100 words)
For me, this project is an exploration into conveying emotion through audio and visual as well as allowing me to be more creative with my solutions to problems I encounter. I want pursue a career into graphic design, Concept art or animation and this project will help me with this. This project also holds value to me outside of an academic view as a lot of the people I know or have helped me get to where I am now where ex-armed forces. So this project is really dedicated to them as well as to my progression.
Section 2: Project Concept (approx. 200 words)
For this project, I will be working with sound and visual elements in order to create a piece of audio-visual art conveying the emotions of soldiers in WWI as they go through a day in the trenches. I plan on using a very scratchy and minimalistic art style along with dark colours and light ones only when necessary. To complete this task I will be using a combination of programs including Adobe Premiere a video and audio editor, Audacity which is a sound editing software and Photoshop for the visual asset creation. In addition to thinking about what software I am deciding on what resolution I am going to use and what kind of image I want to create. To decide this I will have to do research into pre-existing content to see how it was received by the public and how they designed it and apply this to my project. I will also have to research such things as clothing, conditions, experience’s and art styles I could use so that I can capture the emotions in the best possible way. Right now I am aiming for this project to be for ages between 18 – 25 year along with a older audience. My influences are the people who served in the wars and the remarkable courage they all showed during these times of blood and steel along with some modern WW1 games such as Battlefield one and Valiant hearts.


Section 3: Evaluation (approx. 50 words)
For this project, I will be constantly evaluating my progress throughout. I will be doing this by Posting work and getting feedback, self-evaluating what went wrong and what didn’t and how I could improve that part. I will also at the end have a summary of work completed so that I can accurately track my progress and who much work I have left to do. With feedback, I receive I will arrange it into two different sections, negative and positive and analyse each making sure to take it in and improve where I need to. all of my self-evaluations will follow the same format of; Review, feedback, points of improvement, good points and summary. I will also conduct focus groups and other questionnaires throughout the creating to assess how my work is turning out.

By doing it this way I can keep all my work clean and have it be clear for if I ever need to go back and re-read it. this format will also make it easy for anyone else to find and see.


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Week 1

Reflection on previous work.

Week 2

Intel ideas and project proposal.

Week 3

Exploration of the industry and job roles.

Week 4

Literature review.

Week 5

Primary research and experiments.

Week 6

Project pitch and Research.

Week 7


Start on initial sketching and research experiments.

Week 8

Continuing sketch and begin sound creation.

Half term (week 8.5)

Continue sound creation and development of visuals.

Week 9

Start colouring and start editing sounds.

Week 10

finish all visual elements and begin compiling both visual and sound.

Week 11

post production editing, finish compiling.

Week 12

Evaluate work completed this term.