Today we had a talk about Prevent and what it was and about.

Prevent is one of the government’s ways of responding to the ideological challenge we face from terrorism and extremism and the threat the people who promote them pose. Prevent also provides practical help for people who think or know they are being radicalized or are going towards a extremist path. They do this by working with a wide range of sectors form educations and law enforcement to charities and other organisations or companies.

People can be radicalized through social media, games, face to face meetings, T.V and Radio. They are often radicalized by people who are radicalized themselves and they have some kind of Interest or belief that aligns to their own ideals or can be manipulated to do so.

A person who is being radicalized will often starts to show a ‘us or them mentality’, start pushing away friends and family more than they would usually do, they will also start to become more argumentative and dismissive about other people’s opinions that contradict their own and stop doing activities they said they once enjoyed. This said it is advised not to jump to conclusions as these are also often shown by young people.
As a creative i can help Prevent by creating promotional material, animations and helping the people who made the slide show about it improve it so that people will understand better and be able to keep up easier.