This week I have been learning about tilesets and how to create seamless textures. Tilesets are used in games as a way to speed up the level creation process. They do this by allowing the creator to build new designs from a series of modular assets.

To start off with I went into Photoshop and created a seamless 32×32 pixels texture stone. To make sure it seamless I used the offset function in Photoshop which made it so the outside edges met with each other and I could see where everything was meeting.
Satisfied my 32×32 tile was seamless I created a 3×3 grid of them for later use.

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Using this 3×3 grid I edited the sides so they weren’t square and looked more natural. with that done I started to make some more advanced tilesets for platforms and special blocks.

Once I hade a different tile for everything I would need I created a little level set up adding some post editing in the form of a fade to the pit and moonbeams coming through a crack in the wall.

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