8Bit Dub


This week I have been investigating redubbing and sound creation using 8 Bit or chip tunes to recreate sounds. I had to first of all have a listen to some chip tunes and see how they work before I went in on the project.

I started by watching the original sequence and planning where i would select my 30 seconds form. I chose to go from just after they had sung and done the flips from the bar. I chose this place because it had a little dialog and was near the end so i had an almost exact cut off.

-original vid-

Once I had a basic list of what sounds I would need I want to an online site called BFXR which is a chip tune creation program. With this program you can generate a random sound and use the different modifiers and wave types to change the what they sound sounds.

-screen shot of BFXR-

There are many different sliders that all have interesting effects on the sound but the main ones I used where; The Frequency slider that increased or decreased the sound frequency which changed its pitch; Decay which dictates how quickly the sound fades; Sustain controls how long the sound is in total; Attack which controls how fast the sound fades in. Using these I set about making the sound ready to save and edit over the video.

The sounds I needed where:

Two different foot steps for each person.

Two or three different hitting and grinding sounds for the sword clashes.

Two different swish sound for the sword swings.

Four high and low sounds for the voices.

A jumping sound.

And finally one soundtrack.

I recorded mostly all of the process of my crating of the sounds and editing them in the video’s are located below.


Experimenting and creating chip sounds

-Vid of sound creation-

I went about creating each sound differently but mostly I was experimenting until I found a sound that worked and repeated the process to create more that I then experimented on further to create the other sound needed. Once I was done creating the sound I saved and Exported them to a file ready to be edited in.


More Creation and editing sound in.

-vid of editing-


The First thing I did as you can see was to edit the video to the desired 30 second length I needed. From here I went on to import all my sounds and start editing them in. I started by adding in the voices first which I did by carefully finding the where each words was spoken and adding a sound to replace it. You see in the video me chopping down the sounds I later on go back and change to only making the sound play for less time so it sounds less choppy.

After doing the voices start to edit in the swords hits and swings for the first section of sword play. You can see here I use the same method for finding the exact points of impact and the starts of swings so that my sounds are accurate. I repeat this process until all the swordplay is done up to when they head to the rocky area.

Now after doing all the sword hits and talking I moved on to put in the footsteps for each of them in addition to the jumping sounds needed. From this point it was mostly just repeating previous processes and tweaking volume and sound length to make it fit.

The end results where two reasonable sounding dubs.

Foly dub

8-Bit Dub