Into to pixel art – The Queen


This week we did another pixel art task where we had to recreate The Queen in a pose form a reference image. This task was set up in three stages, the first stage was to recreate the queen in 16X16 resolution, the second stage was to do it again but in 24X24 and finally do a third one in 32X32.


To start off with we loaded up photo shop and set the cavers size to 16 pixels by 16 pixels and saved it as a present.


To create my 16×16 version I created a neutral grey background and began to draw out the silhouette of my Queen. I did this by using the pencil tool to draw pixel by pixel in a green so that I could tell the silhouette from the back ground and eventually the character that would be drawn on top.

Once I had the silhouette I started to draw out the dress and add some shading so that I know which way the light was coming. I then went on to add skin tones and the crown the same way as I did the silhouette by using the pencil and eraser tools.

After I had the skin, crown, hair and dress on I shaded them with the light still coming from the same direction.

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Now with the image done I added two more poses for her arms, one beside here and the other like she was shooting a fire ball.


I moved from my 16×16 to my 24×24 resolution changing 16 for 24 in the new document box and started the same way as the first one, by doing the silhouette. For this version I wanted to experiment with the pose more and so decided to try and do it as if she was high kicking someone.

I finished the silhouette and started adding and shading the dress, skin, crown and hair. Through all of this I used the same mothered of drawing pixel by pixel and erasing them when needed. In order to get the colors right I was using the eye dropper on my reference image.

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Once all the basics where done I added some more shading and the last thing I added was the sash across her chest. I also made a few quick back ground for her to pose against.


For this last pixel Queen I did her in a pointing pose as if she were pointing at something or someone off screen. I again started with the background and silhouette like the first two but this time I took more time in order to get the desired shape and look.

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From there I went on to do much the same as the last two and do a basic version of her skin, hair, clothes and crown. I continued on from there to add an ear ring, shading and eye to the whole thing to give to more depth. The last thing I added was the sash across her chest.

I liked how my first and third version came out and how they ended put looking but the third one could have been better. I didn’t really know what I was doing with the second version as we haven’t done anything like that so it was wholly experimentation and guess work. If I were to do this task again I would pick some easier poses and chose the picture with more colors as it was quite hard to keep all the different whites and grays I used from not blending in with each other.

Mind maps and Mood boards

Today we have been working on mind maps and mood boards about are ideas. We were doing this so that we could easily lay out are ideas for are game and how it will work.

By doing mood boards and mind maps it allows my to gage how long it might take me to do my ideas and whether or not they are feasible. During the making of my mind map i did very little research as i was getting my ideas down and they went bassed of any facts, but for the mood bored i did a little research into how people in the 19th century dressed and how mummies were wrapped so that i could plane the character designs. By doing all of this it has helped my plan what i can and can’t do with my ideas and which ones i should present to the rest of the team because of time, knowledge or skill constraints.

During the process of creating my mind map i started by trying to make it in Photoshop but then decided that i would work better on paper so i found a A2 piece of paper and got to work. I split my mind map into three sections; Character’s, Location, Synopsis so that i could develop ideas for each. I only have a picture of the finished product as i didn’t take any whilst i was working on it as it would have interrupted my thoughts and made the task drag on longer.

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I then went on to make four mood boards two for characters, one for location and one for objects that would be found in game.


The two i did for characters where split with enemies on one and the designs for Ada are main character on the other. To make these two mood boards i did research into how mummies were wrapped and what already existing designs and depictions there were of the undead. For Ada i did research into what women wore in the 1815 and what colour plate i thought would be good.


For both of them i gathered images and edited them so they would look less box like and fit in with the pages more.


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