Hansel and Gretel Interactive E-Book Evaluation


For this first term I have been making an Interactive E-Book based on the Hansel and Gretel fairy tail. To do this I have had to learn new skills in a variety of programs and about using other techniques to improve my knowledge. To start the process of creating my E-book I first needed to do some research into what I could do with the story and what already existed so that I could decide what type of audience I was going to make it for. Once I had this research done I began planning what my E-book was going to look and how it would function. This involved;

Making a research plan so that i could research further into subjects and make informed decisions on what i want done.

Creating a design document that contained all of my information architecture, audience, platform and what the project as a whole will do.

Creating a Style guide to make sure that all of my buttons, icons, characters and backgrounds follow the same style and theme as each other.

Producing wire frames that will help guide me on where all of the assets will go and the general layout of the book.

With this our of the way I moved on from this to the research phase of the per-production. I proceeded to do research into colors and their meanings so that i could show the reader the characters personalities.