Locate, access and use information to support own development.

BBC digital matcher

today we went onto the BBC make it digital skills matcher and took a test to show us what kind of creative we are. I completed the test and found out that I am a inventive creative meaning I make people feel relaxed, happy and motivated. I am creative and confident, but also helpful and patient with colleagues. it also told me that I would be great at design, journalism, photography and social media.capture

From here we went out to find jobs that we would be interested in doing in the future. after a little digging around I decided I wanted to do something to do with ether a 3D animator, layout artist or a 3D modeller.

Once we had these jobs in mind we went around the class and identified people with complementary skills. once this was done we organized are selves into design studios and began the process of making are name, logo and what we were going to do.

Design studio:

Name: Dimensional arts
Roles: Matt: Designer /  ( Danielle: Designer (con art / Animator) Tom: Designer (Layout / 2D animator /
Company role: 2D / 3D Animation and modelling, Art and interactivity
Technical skills / 3D / Art / Social media  / Animation 2D and 3D (stop motion)
General skills: team work, time management, group management, punctuality and observational skills (listening, paying attention).
Current logo.


Critically evaluate a range of working practices and methods.

Production pipelines


Production pipeline for an animation


Production pipeline for a Game






Apply knowledge of working practices to support own development.




  • 3ds Max                             Communications skills
  • Adobe Photoshop            Effective and efficient research skills
  • Adobe Illustrator            Time management
  • Adobe InDesign                Group management
  • Microsoft Word                Leadership skills
  • Microsoft Powerpoint            Non-linear thinking

I have a foundation knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I am capable of creating graphics (logos, banners and thumbnails) in Illustrator and Photoshop. As well as having foundation knowledge in Design software I am also competent at using Powerpoint and Word for creating comprehensive documents on a given subject. I am also competent at creating 3ds models in 3ds Max.

Work Experience

Currently all my work experience has been Voluntary and unpaid.

I am currently working with my production company Dimensional Arts to design and create a new logo for Sea Point Canoe Centre. If this goings well they have said we can re-design their website as well.

I currently work in a voluntary capacity as a Level 1 coach at Sea Point Canoe Centre. I have been with Sea Point for two years coaching and have through them gained my 1 & 2 Star awards as well as specializing in 3-star Sea kayaking and touring. Time management, Group management, Leadership skills and Nonlinear thinking are all skills I have been developing constantly due to this kind of voluntary work.

I used to do an apprenticeship with a company called Challenger Troop CIC who are one of the UK’s leading providers of youth engagement programmes with a military ethos for primary and secondary schools, academies, sixth-form colleges, further education colleges, PRUs and community partners.


I am studying a UAL Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Digital Design and animation at Canterbury college. (equivalent to three A-levels.) I previously studied a Creative Media Production UAL Diploma Level 2 at Canterbury College (equivalent to 4 GCSE’s).


Merit (equivalent to B in GCSE)    Creative Media Production UAL Diploma Level 2

C    GCSE English

D    GCSE Maths

Personal statement




Organise self and work to meet deadlines and targets.


Demonstrate consideration and professionalism in working with others.