Critically compare a range of research tools, methods and skills.

Research tools and types of research.

For this we had to asses different tools and types of research for use in the industry.

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Critically compare a range of primary and secondary research sources.


Research plan

In my Hansel & Gretel research I will be using the internet as my main source of research as it is more accessible than many other forms of research. By using the internet as my main source I have access to a multitude of websites and pre-existing E-Books to study and conduct research with. Of course the internet is not without fault and a lot of the information I find could be both bias and opinionated but to counter this I will take information from many different sources and cross reference them with each other to get the most accurate outcome.

By doing primary research I can see first-hand what and how other E-Books are made and designed then figure out how I will design mine. I can also use it to compere the differences between different versions of the story and work out how I will make my story work the same as the original but be different at the same time. By also looking at other APP’s that hold interactive books and how they work I can get I idea of how their UI and then start design my own.

Other forms of primary research like questionnaires and interviews wouldn’t work for me and this project because they would take time to organises and I would have to find a group of people that know something about making E-Books and then design a questionnaire for them or interview questions that would get me the information I want.
Using secondary research I can see how other APP’s and E-Books of similar genre were received and what kind of feedback they got on them. by looking at other peoples research on them.

Research plan

I am going to use the internet to research what platforms are out there and what platforms would be most suitable for my product. I will also find out which platform is being used more and from there decide which one I will use.
I will be doing research into what versions of the story are out there so I know what kind of changes I can make to it without causing the audience to lose interest. I will also conduct research on what kind of story are popular and what kind of thing people don’t normally see in story’s.
I am going to research other peoples versions of the story to see how they dealt with representation and then plan my book accordingly.
Design / style

I will be looking at multiple story books, E-books and even animations to determine what kind of styles are most used.



Apply design and research tools, methods and skills to record and interpret information and develop ideas for creative production.


Style guide

Typeface:  Proxima Nova    Point size: 11 – 12

Lighting: everything will be lite from whatever visible light source there is in the image or if there is no visible light source from in front.


Characters: characters will be colored according to their roles.

The stepmother / Witch will be dark purple With light shading. Dark purple is meant to evoke the feelings of gloom and sadness which to me depicts what you should feel when you look at some one with the goal to break up a family and eat children.

The farther will be light blue with shading but he will slowly turn to a darker blue. Light blue carries the emotions of tranquility, understanding and softness and dark blue carries a feeling of knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness. This is meant to represent his change through the story as he realises what has happened.

Hansel will be white as it represents goodness, innocence and purity.

Gretel will be olive green as it is the traditional color of peace.

Other characters will be light red with shading to start and will change to dark red over time. Red has the feeling of joy, passion, sensitivity and love whilst dark red carries with it vigor, willpower, rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing, malice, and wrath. I choses this for the other characters because as the story goes on thing slowly get worse and worse for everyone and so they will start to feel these other emotions.


Story Backgrounds will stay with realistic colours or a solid color background with illustrations.

Settings pages will have a light blue background.

Buttons will be basic and simple allowing easy navigation for the user.

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Home icon


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world of remnent

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girl hair

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Evaluate the effectiveness of design and research tools methods and skills to develop ideas for creative production.